We are a 100% Mexican company, established in Quebec, Canada. Our purpose is the promotion, distribution and fair commercialization of artistic and artisanal work of fine silver jewelry, handmade by expert women in this product, our artisans are indigenous from Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico, place known as “The Mexican silver capital”.


Transmit the love, passion, creativity, history and heritage of our indigenous Mexican women through their artisanal job. ÄMATE 47 wishes to be the means by which the end consumer is not only a part of the process: you are the entire process itself. Since the precious material left the mines, a lot of years ago, through the hands of our artisan women, until it reaches their neck, their hands; gifted with all the love of your loved ones. This circle that ends with one client and begins again with another, is a cycle of true love, which seems to end when we open the box with our precious jewel, but which is really the eternal beginning of an ancient and artisan embrace made with the highest quality, that opens their hearts.


Be the universal link between the indigenous artisan women of Mexico with the world, showing the ancestral legacy, the talent and the love with which these women make each piece, through the promotion, distribution and fair commercialization of their handmade silver jewelry. , thus contributing to improve their quality of life and that of their families. Possessing the ancestral Mexican legacy as a benchmark of quality and style within universal jewelry. OUR VALUES -Commitment to giving the best and the highest quality in each of our exclusive and laborious pieces delivered to our clients. –Honesty in every part of the process, with our clients and our artisans and their families. -The Passion and Respect with which all of Amate 47 team has developed the process of putting in your hands the best of world-quality Mexican artisan jewelry. –Sustainability with which we will always balance the fruits of our dividends, to ensure that the cycle of harmonious creative productivity flourishes again and again. -Equality and Equity in a win-win relationship, in which our clients will receive an article under the highest standards of originality and quality, with a fair and competitive price, which will be worthily compensated to our artisan and their families. –Social Responsibility by accepting with all the love in the world, the challenge of improving the quality of life of our artisans, by contributing with improvements that positively impact their personal, social, emotional, work and patrimonial environment.